Union Gas Financial Incentives for Energy Audits & Upgrades

Union Gas customers have access to some of the best incentives in Ontario for performing energy audits and engineering studies necessary to assess energy efficiency upgrades. These incentives pay up to 50% of the cost of your energy audits and can be combined with other incentives. Union Gas’ EnerSmart audit incentives include:

  • Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study: Provides an incentive to complete energy audits by paying 30% of the associated costs up to $4,000.
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Study: Provides a grant of 50% up $10,000 toward the cost of an energy use analysis on the facility’s HVAC system.
  • Industrial Process Study: Upon the completion of one of the above studies, this incentive provides up to $30,000 for a detailed engineering analysis and design of equipments or systems to achieve higher efficiencies.
  • Process Integration Study: Provides an incentive of 50% of the costs up to $20,000 for a comprehensive process simulation of an industrial facility to optimize energy use across entire facility.

Commercial building owners/managers and industrial businesses can take advantage of these energy audit incentives to identify opportunities to reduce their operating costs and increase profits. Note that other incentives can be combined with Union Gas incentives to substantially reduce your overall energy audit costs.

If you are a Union Gas customer interested in improving your energy efficiency, please contact us at (416) 887-8371 or email us at: info@ensmartsolutions.com

More information on Union Gas EnerSmart incentives is available on their site at: Union Gas EnerSmart audit incentives

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