Energy EfficiencyWhat makes EnSmart appealing to prospective clients is working with people who are seasoned, career consultants that perform the work with our clients. This is one of the cornerstones on which the firm was founded and conducts its engineering and consulting practices.

Our clients receive active direction and involvement by team members with substantial experience and technical abilities. Our focus is to deliver measurable results and support the development of our client’s capabilities.

Through experience we have acquired firsthand knowledge of what to do and equally as important, what to avoid.

Whether you are planning to reduce your energy costs through an energy audit, hire a commissioning agent or acquire project management support, our team of professional engineers and senior operational and management consultants can help you define clear objectives, create actionable plans and most importantly, deliver results.

We work directly with you to develop practical solutions for your specific requirements. Solutions which produce lasting, measurable results. We will help you to develop and implement the approach and solutions best suited for your application. During the process, we encourage maximum participation from client company personnel to ensure effective knowledge transfer and solution ownership to achieve sustaining success.