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Consider Energy Efficiency Upgrades as Investment Opportunties

| July 12th, 2012 | No Comments »

Looking for better return on your investments? Do you know how much can be gained through savings on utility bills? Energy savings are as good as higher profits. (more…)

Reduce Energy Consumption By Conducting Your Own Energy Audit

| June 8th, 2012 | No Comments »
Apply the Most Important Rule in Saving Energy & Achieving Higher Energy Efficiency

Conduct your own energy audit by applying some of the simplest and most intuitive principles for increasing energy efficiency. (more…)

Control Costs & Plan For Saving Energy Through An Energy Audit

| November 4th, 2011 | No Comments »

Energy savings realized through energy audits are as good as increased profit / income (more…)

Energy efficiency and lighting. Are lighting upgrades / retrofits always sensible?

| January 12th, 2011 | No Comments »

When it comes to energy efficiency measures, lighting retrofits are one of the most popular options. Unfortunately, information regarding payback and return rates on these investments are not always accurately presented. Many have proceeded with upgrades only to find out that the results did not meet original expectations. (more…)

EnSmart Solutions recognized as BOMA CDM channel partner

| September 4th, 2010 | No Comments »

EnSmart Solutions recently completed a number of successful commercial office building energy audits in downtown Toronto. To complete these audits and reduce the audit costs to our client, we took advantage of the energy audit incentives offered by the BOMA conservation and demand management (CDM) program. (more…)

EnSmart offers ASHRAE level 1 to 3 energy audits

| April 22nd, 2010 | 1 Comment »

At EnSmart Solutions, based on customer needs, we customize the extent and scope of an energy audit to offer our customers higher energy savings. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has developed a rating system which categorizes the extents of these audits. Below are the descriptions of these levels of energy audits: (more…)