Building Commissioning Services (Cx & RCx)


Building commissioning is a quality control methodology applied to existing building operations and new building construction processes. There are three types of building commissioning, namely:


1. Commissioning (Cx) :

Applies to new construction and ideally begins early in the project life cycle prior to design. Commissioning ensures “achievement” of owner’s project requirements and corresponding design intents.


2. Recommissioning (RCx):

Applies to previously commissioned buildings and refers to the continual monitoring, tuning and correction of the building systems to achieve long-term optimal performance.

3. Retrocommissioning (RCx):

Applies to existing buildings that have not been previously commissioned. The goal in this case is optimize the performance of existing systems by focusing on wear and changes to the energy consuming systems as well as changes in building use to identify operational and maintenance related improvements.

4. Continuous / Ongoing Commissioning:


Once a building has gone through commissioning the goal is placed on monitoring and maintaining optimal performance through continuous or ongoing commissioning. Techniques such as monitoring, targeting and verification processes are utilized for quick detection of changes and breakdowns. This results is timely application of counter measures to resolve issues and bring the building systems back into optimal operation.


Though commissioning has been around for many years, its application in the building industry is just starting to gain popularity. It is proven that commissioning has the capacity to reduce construction and operating costs through early detection of issues, better design and cost avoidance. With utility prices on the rise, commissioning offers an excellent alternative to many building owners and managers who are looking to increase revenues without increasing rent or sales prices.

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