Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

Renewable energy applications have experienced significant growth in the recent years. Many buildings and businesses are interested in these opportunities, however do not have the knowledge or resources to determine which alternative best suites their application.

EnSmart Solutions serves customers by offering life cycle project engineering. Services include feasibility studies and project management into the most popular alternatives namely,

  • Solar water heating
  • Solar air heating
  • Solar Photovoltaic
  • Geothermal / Ground source heat pump
  • Wind turbine power technologies

An early feasibility study is completed based on the project specifics such as building construction, available land, soil condition, state of the available technologies, risk and benefits to reduce the options down to the most attractive alternatives.

The next stage is to perform a detailed feasibility study where the selected options are examined. We conduct technical and financial evaluations including:

  • System design & sizing
  • Analysis of captured renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal)
  • Investigation of the available grants and incentives
  • Project cost analysis
  • Emission reduction calculations
  • Project financial analysis including yearly cash flow, payback, investment rate of return and net present value

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