Energy Audit Services

Rising utility costs are driving the need for energy audits to reduced energy consumption through higher energy efficiency. The challenge faced by many managers is to identify which of the multitude of alternatives are applicable to their facilities and how to prioritize these energy efficiency measures. As an impartial energy management firm, our energy audit studies identify the best energy efficiency opportunities and provide clients with the technical and financial analysis necessary to prioritize their energy efficiency opportunities for future planning purposes. Save 50% on the cost of an energy audit and reduce your energy consumption with the Ontario Power Authority saveONenergy incentives.

Our knowledge of all available incentives and application support helps our clients take advantage of all financial incentives available. Financial incentives such as those offered through the OPA saveOnenergy program, reduce the costs associated to the energy audit, upgrades and retrofits resulting in reduced energy consumption, costs and higher returns on investment.

Based on our customer’s needs, we offer tailored commercial building and industrial energy audits. As such, we can provide ASHREA energy audits (level 1, 2 or 3) for facilities such as multi-unit residential, office buildings, malls, restaurants, healthcare and hospitality facilities as well as manufacturing plants. ¬†For further information on these types of energy audits, please refer to our article entitled “EnSmart offers ASHRAE level 1 to 3 energy audits“. EnSmart Solutions provides comprehensive energy audits, analysis and reporting based on:

  • Facility drawings and equipment specifications
  • Field data collection through testing and measurements
  • Infrared imaging / thermography
  • Energy benchmarking and statistical analysis of historical energy consumption
  • Consolidated computer based energy modelling of the facilities and processes

For our audit reports, energy efficiency measures are investigated and simulated to provide details such electricity and emissions savings, payback, return on investment and cash flow analysis. The upgrade or retrofit measures focus on all resource consuming systems and are normally broken down into:

  • Building envelope energy efficiency
  • Mechanical energy savings
  • Electrical energy consumption reduction
  • Water consuming equipment & fixtures efficiency
  • Specific resource consuming machinery

Our goal is to offer our customer’s energy management services beyond their expectations. Where desired, our services continue beyond the energy audit. We support our clients with engineering and project management to ensure a successful retrofit and commissioning phase to achieve the targeted energy savings.

The current government grants and financial incentives from the Ontario Power Authority, pay up to 50% of the cost an energy audit. For more information and a free sample audit report, please contact us at (416) 887-8371, info@ensmart or by using our online form.