Example of regression analysis for monitoring and targetingEnergy Use Monitoring & Tracking Services

Many facilities simply pay their bills without monitoring their utility usage or detecting unreasonable changes in consumption. Understanding the relations between consumption and driving factors such as outdoor temperatures, production or equipment performance are key in early detection of issues.

Energy Monitoring & Targeting, take driving factors into account and facilitate examination of energy use to ensure consistency in consumption and detection of change in operations. Monitoring and targeting tools help reveal operational or equipment performance issues and quantify the associated costs. As well, they can be used to track savings associated to upgrades and retrofits.

EnSmart Solutions provides “Energy Monitoring, Targeting & Building Performance” services to support ongoing monitoring and tracking of your operations. We offer three alternative solutions:

  • CUSUM analysis for monitoring, targeting and performance reportingHistorical performance analysis: Review of past performance to detect consumption patterns and changes in order to help you target future performance.
  • Ongoing performance analysis: Additional to historical performance analysis, we help our customers with periodic review of their utility consumption to identify issues and implement countermeasures to get their operations back to optimal performance.
  • Training on Performance & Utility Use Monitoring: To help you perform your own analysis and monitoring we can train your staff to learn how to use the available tools for ongoing tracking and monitoring.

Utility expenses form a major cost associated to running a facility. As such, utility cost management should be an essential part of running any building, plant or operation. Through statistical methods such as regression and CUSUM analysis, monitoring and targeting services can investigate past and predict future consumption to help detect issues, identify opportunities and ensure optimal performance.

At reasonable costs, these solutions provide means for early detection of issues and “preventive” as oppose to “reactive” maintenance. To get more information, please contact us at: (416) 887-8371, info@ensmartsolutions.com or by using our online form.