Monitoring and targeting costs are far cheaper than the costs associated to operating a facility without detecting ongoing issues.

We have been able to detect operational and maintenance issues by analyzing consumption data, alerting our clients and working with them to further root cause the source of increased consumption or equipment failure. Below are examples of issues detected in the past through ongoing monitoring and targeting.

  • Boiler heat recovery unit malfunction
  • Boiler burner failure
  • Chiller compressor / nozzle failure
  • Plumbing crack in outdoor sprinkler system
  • Block heaters running throughout the night without controls
  • New night shift security guard not shutting recreation center lighting
  • Continuously running ramp heaters due to sensor malfunction
  • Malfunctioning sauna timers

And the list goes on. Without monitoring and targeting the above issues would have continued without detection resulting in significantly higher utility costs. Keep your utility costs in check and ensure good control through monitoring and targeting services.

At reasonable rates, EnSmart Solutions can provide you with monitoring and targeting services. For more information, please contact us at (416) 887-8371, info@ensmart or by using our online form.